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Behind the Coffee Cup

Star Trek'n Jedi


USA Today bestselling author, coffee-loving gamer girl, and Sci-fi enthusiast. CK Dawn always loved to snuggle up with her cat Hagrid (the shadow-seer & Netherwalker inspiration) and read. But, with a nudge of encouragement from her lil’ sis, she found writing fantasy stories was even better than just reading about them. So, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away CK let her unique modern tale of knights and Camelot dancing in her head take form and fly with Cloak of Shadows, her Readers' Favorite award-winning debut novel in the Netherwalker series. Now, you can find CK writing in the witching hours with Hagrid by her side while being distracted far too often by social media. 
There's more to come in the Netherwalker series and several new fantasy adventures so stay tuned. Seriously, the stories have only just begun.

P.S. Craving more from CK's characters? Come check out their blogs HERE<<

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