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After the Reign Series


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After the Reign - Book One

Being the Horseman of War's daughter was the easy part.


Half-human, half-fae, Mira Etain-Tice is all teenage angst full of awkward magic use when a cocky and way too sexy bodyguard throws a wrench into her plans of freedom. All she wants to do is feel like a normal girl, experience a little romance, and maybe explore the human world she’s been hidden away from all her life.

But when your mom’s the legendary mortal Chloe Etain who saved the realm from annihilation, and your dad's the feared Horseman of War, being normal gets...complicated.

Mira isn’t just any hybrid that was transformed through magic, though. She was born. And she’s the biggest threat to the Fates, three sister witches who mysteriously vanished the day of her birth, or so she thought. Recently, she’s felt their ominous presence reemerge, and worse still, a strange fever has consumed her and her lackluster magic.

Can she keep her newfound freedom amid such danger? Will her true power ever ARISE?

Arise is a spin-off within the Reign of Fae universe. After the Reign can be enjoyed as a stand-alone series, or read chronologically beginning with Reign of Fae Book One, Remnants of Ash.


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After the Reign - Book Two


Coming Soon!


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